stackoverflow is really a toxic community

Just another article about why stackoverflow sucks. Like these ones:,,, and so much more. Except here I will point out another negative thing which is regarding post edits. It is pointless to do any edits here in order to improve other people content, because all of your edits will get rejected no matter how valuable they are.

There was a guy who posted a huge boilerplate code I tried to use for my own needs (, and I have noticed a couple of problems in it – first of all, he extends a Qt class, and does not use Q_OBJECT macro which is necessary for the signal/slot mechanism to work. Then, he made a typo, i.e. instead of QScrollBar, he wrote QScollBar (letter ‘r’ missing). Quite obvious mistakes for the Qt developer, yes? So, I have edited his comment, and pointed out all of the problems. And below you can see what did I get.

According to some dudes that call themselves @il_raffa and @Rick, this edit is pointless, because somehow it is directed to the author, and should have been written as comment. Well, I see no problem in that, but is it worth it to copy the same code, and then note what is wrong in it? It is not, since it would give no actual value for the community. Better value would be given through edited code. Thus, it was exactly directed to the mediocre code which should be fixed at least a bit. Also, it is mentioned these guys have no clue about Qt. The first one is some math or computer science guy, and another one probably has never touched C++ in his life at all, thus talking as him knowing Qt would probably be pointless. And stackoverflow somehow “thinks” that these guys are competent enough to reject or accept edits regarding tool-set they know nothing about. That is stackoverflow for you. This should never really be the case, because a guy knowing nothing about C++/Qt can not even understand the code, so how is he or she supposed to understand if edit is worth anything or not? If edit is simple enough, then maybe, but if it contains some framework-related things, then such people can not understand why I have suggested this as an edit.

In other words, stackoverflow community is really toxic which started as a great idea, but there are now lots of members who just reject and downvote everything they do not like or understand. Is it their fault? I do not think so. If the system for the community developed is good enough, it will not attract toxic people.